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CBC Finance / FAQ

General questions

+ - 1) What happens if I need to withdraw before my lock in period in the event of an emergency?

Under these circumstances a withdrawal will result in loss of profits for the period of lock in and a penalty of 2% will be applied to the withdrawal amount. Payments will be made after 20 days. This applies to both cash and bank transfers

+ - 2) Are there any charges for withdrawals?

Withdrawals are processed and paid after 20 days with no fee for withdrawal. Where payments are requested and settled within 5 days whether cash or bank transfer, a 5% charge is made on withdrawal amount.

+ - 3) Is my Capital and or profits guaranteed?

No. All investments carry risk and you should only invest what you can afford to lose. Although currently there is currently no regulation in the Crypto Market; we adhere to KYC (know your customer) where we assess whether a client is eligible for the purposes of investment and retain the right to refuse a potential investor if we feel that they are not suitable for the purpose of investing.

+ - 4) What happens if I wish to terminate my contract?

Depending on your lock in period -In case the investor desires to terminate the contract, he shall submit a “Request for Termination” form to” CBC IT INNOVATION” in which he specifies: his/her desire to terminate the contract agreement. Such termination cannot take place earlier than lock in period specified on the appendix annexed to the main contract. Example: Contract 1 year. Lock in period 6 months. Contract Termination request month 8. Will result in loss of profits for months 7 and 8 and capital invested plus profits up to 6 months will be honored, less a management fee of 2% of the sum of original investment(s).

Settlement will be after 20 days upon receipt of Request for termination form.

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