A complete and accurate KYC (Know Your Customer) is required in order to become a client of CBC Creative Finance, and/or retain your status as such. The purpose of this form is to verify your identity as a client, your sources of funds for investing, that your personal financial situation allows you to invest without significant impact on your standard of life in case of losses from your investment as well as that all funds used for investing with CBC Creative Finance is accumulated from lawful activities and that no profits made from your investment with CBC Create Finance will be used for illegitimate purposes. *
In order to verify your identity as part of this KYC, you need to have at hand a scan of your passport or national identification card *
If you are applying to invest, or have in the past invested, more than $25,000 with CBC, in order to successfully complete this KYC you need to have scans of the following documents at hand, as we will require proof of residence, income and source of funds.



Pentru a deveni client CBC FINANCE sau pentru a va pastra statutul ca atare, este necesar sa completati formularul KYC. Scopul acestui formular este de a va verifica identitatea, sursele de fonduri pentru investitii, precum si de a ne asigura ca situatia financiara actuala va permite sa investiti , fara ca pierderea sumelor investite , daca este cazul, sa aiba un impact negativ asupra finantelor dvs.. De asemenea, dorim sa ne asiguram ca toate fondurile pe care decideti sa le investiti la CBC FINANCE provin din activitati legale si ca niciun profit obtinut din investititiile la CBC FINANCE nu va fi utilizat in scopuri nelegitime. *
Pentru a putea sa va verificam identitatea, ca parte a completarii acestui formular, trebuie sa aveti la indemana o copie scanata a actului de identitate sau a pasaportului dumneavoastra. *
Daca doriti sa investiti sau daca ati investit in trecut, in total, la CBC, mai mult de 25000$, pentru a putea sa completati formularul AML , este necesar sa aveti scanate copii dupa urmatoarele documente: